What Is Included in a GM Extended Warranty?

The General Motors extended warranty, which is formally known as the GM Protection Plan, offers three different levels of mechanical coverage. The Major Guard plan offers the most comprehensive coverage, while the Value Guard and Basic Guard plans omit certain components. The extended warranty offers similar coverage to that of an original factory warranty, as Vaden Automotive notes.

The Major Guard service contract covers more than 7,400 vehicle components, according to Ally. Covered components fall under a range of categories, including engine, transmission/transaxle, front and rear-wheel-drive components, fuel delivery components and engine cooling components. Other covered components include heating and air conditioning components; suspension; electrical, computer and audio components; braking system components; and safety components.

The Value Guard plan offers protection of around 2,900 components, while the Basic Guard plan only covers around 2,000 components, Ally explains. With the Major Guard vehicle service contract, almost every part of a vehicle is covered beyond the original factory warranty, even if the mechanical failure is caused by wear and tear. The Major Guard and Value Guard protection plans allow for repairs at any GM dealership or licensed repair shop in the United States or Canada without any additional costs for parts or labor.