What Is Included in Full Engine-Rebuild Kits?

Full engine-rebuild kits for 350 Chevy engines include cast iron rings, T5 heat-treated hypereutectic pistons, a high-volume iron oil pump, brass freeze plugs and gaskets. The kits also contain bimetal main, cam and rod bearings, assembly lube and plastigage. For General Motors 6.6-liter Duramax diesel engines, kits include eight bank pistons, piston ring-sets and connecting rod bearings, and main bearing, thrust washer, head gasket and lower gasket sets. Cylinder-head bolt sets and room-temperature vulcanizing sealant are included.

Engine rebuild kits contain major engine parts, including pistons, and the corresponding hardware, including piston rings. Reasons to rebuild vehicle engines include restoring lost performance, increasing engine power, replacing worn parts and substituting higher-quality parts for poor-quality ones. Selecting the right kit depends on the reason for the rebuild. People who want to enhance engine power may purchase high performance kits. Prices of rebuild kits vary based on factors such as the engine type and size, and the quality of the parts.

To rebuild an engine, an individual needs an engine stand, a socket and wrench set, engine oil, a pump primer and assembly lube. Other essentials include soap and water, plugs and sealers, in addition to the rebuild kit. A person who is rebuilding an engine for the first time should exercise patience and expect to spend days to complete the rebuild, because the process is complicated.