What Is Included in a Firestone Vehicle Inspection?

A Firestone vehicle inspection includes tires, belts, fluid levels, wipers and battery cables. Firestone offers a free inspection as a courtesy when drivers purchase any service.

The tires inspection involves looking at the tire wear, tread and checking the tire pressure. The belt operation is inspected as the car is running and Firestone's technicians check washer fluid, coolant and oil levels and recommend adding fluid if necessary.

The technicians at Firestone also look at things such as the windshield wipers and the windshield itself, and will examine the battery to make sure it is performing at its best. Other parts of the vehicle such as the steering and suspension system, exhaust system, hoses and brake system also fall under Firestone's vehicle inspection.

Firestone also provides state inspections. State inspection guidelines vary by state, but generally include things like air bag warning lights, brake system safety, vehicle and safety hazard lights and engine warning lights. Some states also require an emissions test for most vehicles.

Firestone offers other types of inspection services besides the complimentary check and state inspections. For a fee, the mechanics at Firestone will look at specific systems such as the suspension or exhaust and notify owners of any problems.