What Is Included in a Basic Set of Automotive Tools?


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Most small basic automotive tool kits include hand tools like screwdrivers, socket wrenches and pliers, diagnostic equipment, such as a tire pressure gauge, and safety gear like gloves and electric tape. Larger kits may have mechanical jacks and voltage testers as well as greater varieties of tools. Emergency roadside kits offer special equipment, such as roadside flares and safety vests.

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To assist with repairs, a useful auto tool kit should provide a range of tools, including multiple sizes of combination wrenches, changeable nut driver heads and a set of hex keys. Adjustable wrenches and six-in-one screwdrivers can save space in a kit, and a ratchet driver with an extension bar will help speed up repairs. Both cutting pliers for snipping wires and slip joint pliers for grasping and holding are useful. Some kits also offer spray-on lubricant for loosening stuck bolts.

Tools specific to auto repair often found in basic kits include a simple mechanical gauge for checking tire pressure and jumper cables for jump starting a car with a drained battery. Some kits also feature spark plug gap gauges and spark plug removal tools for testing and replacing spark plugs, or a specialized oil filter wrench to facilitate oil changes.

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