What Are Some Important Trailer Specs to Consider Before Making a Purchase?


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Some important trailer specs to consider before making a purchase include the frame, tongue length, coupler and wiring. The frame is extremely important because the quality of the steel used for the frame directly impacts the integrity of the trailer.

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There are three main shapes of steel used in trailer frames: box tubing, channel iron and angle iron. Box tubing is the best of the three because it has comparatively superior resistance to twisting and flexing than the other steels. One way to test the durability of your steel frame is to stand on a rear corner of a trailer and see if the frame twists and flexes. A strong frame doesn't twist and flex.

Tongue length directly affects the handling, as a long tongue length means the towing vehicle has an easier time with steering. Longer tongues also require less weight on the balls that connect to the towing vehicles, meaning you have less weight on your car, and the trailer supports more of its own weight.

Make sure the coupler of the trailer you're considering isn't twisted or bent and that it fastens securely into place. Check to confirm that there are grommets protecting taillight wires as they pass through the trailer frame. If there is no grommet, it's just a matter of time before the wires chafe against the metal and short circuit.

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