What Are Some Important Facts About Scooters?


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Scooters are fuel-efficient and are less expensive, easier to mount, and easier to maneuver than motorcycles. A scooter's gas tank can be filled for $5 or less as of 2015. Scooters average more than 70 miles per gallon.

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What Are Some Important Facts About Scooters?
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A helmet must be worn when riding a scooter, but no other special riding gear is required. It is, however, recommended to wear bright colors for safety purposes. Scooters are easy to park, a large benefit when living in a busy city. They can often be treated like a bicycle and chained to lamp posts or bike racks.

Regulations on scooters vary from state to state and often relate to the engine size of the scooter. A scooter with an engine size under 50 cc is subject to fewer regulations than a scooter with an engine size greater than 50 cc. The latter tends to carry the same operating regulations as motorcycles, including license and insurance requirements.

Scooters are small vehicles and can often be overseen by larger cars and trucks who have blind spots. It is important for people riding scooters to take safety precautions by checking the rear view mirror and by using signals, the horn and good judgement when at intersections and in congested areas.

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