What Are Some Important Considerations When Shopping for Used 3-Wheel Motorcycles?


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When shopping for a three-wheel motorcycle or trike, you should consider inspecting its ride control, rear suspension, wheelbase, track width, material quality and assembly process, as stated by motortrike.com.

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When shopping for a trike, you first need to check for ride control to ensure that the trike has handling abilities with which you are comfortable. Next, you should inspect the trike’s rear suspension, which reduces discomfort when riding on uneven surfaces. Wheelbase and track width specification are also important because they influence handling and stability. After that, you should inspect the trike’s material quality and avoid models with missing parts or weak materials. Lastly, you should consider checking whether your trike kit would be assembled by a reputable installation team. Working with a manufacturer-trained installation team almost guarantees proper assembly, which could prolong your time on the road. It could also help you gain access to a warranty and expert maintenance.

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