How Do You Identify a Member of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club?

To identify a member of an outlaw motorcycle club, check his attire, which consists of a sleeveless jacket with embroidery on the back. A member may also wear tattoos related to the club or carry a weapon hidden under his attire. White outlaw motorcycle clubs require their members to ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles, while black clubs require members to use sports bikes.

Collarless jackets are central to the attire of outlaw motorcycle club members and serve to identify the affiliation members have with specific clubs. The sleeveless jackets are made from denim or leather and have patches embroidered on them. The back of the jackets bear the club’s name, logo and location. Individuals who wear jackets with the words “prospect” or “probate” emblazoned on them are candidates for club membership and tend to be aggressive to prove they are worthy of membership.

Members may wear tattoos or jewelry with acronyms or symbols denoting their association with a club. While some tattoos may be immediately visible, others are covered by clothing. Some bikers carry concealed weapons that may include ball-peen hammers and industrial flashlights, although the weapons vary by club. Respect and power are overarching requirements for gang members. Aggrieved members may injure those they perceive to have disrespected them, and many outlaw bikers tend toward racial prejudice.