How Do You Identify a Camshaft?

To identify a camshaft, examine it visually for design and build specifics or put together the identification number of the specific camshaft in the car. The identification number comprises of the model prefix, profile or grind number; the exhaust number; and possibly the exhaust grind number.

Visually examine the camshaft to determine whether it is a roller camshaft, flat tappet or whether it has a step machined into it. Roller camshafts have rounded lobes by flat tappets are more pointed. Camshafts designed for use where a hydraulic roller camshaft was originally used has a step machined into its nose.

To get the identification number of the car's camshaft, put together the model prefix of the vehicle and the degrees that follow the profile or grind number. Add the exhaust number to this sequence and also the exhaust grind number if required.