How Do You Identify Brodix Heads?


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A person can identify the model of a Brodix head by checking the stamping found on the end of the casting above the accessory bolt region below the valve cover rail, according to Brodix. Some heads are stamped on the exhaust side of the head.

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Brodix began numbering small block heads in April 1979. The company initiated an alpha-numeric system with A 1 in August 1979. Large block heads started with numbers later in April 1984, although the numbers changed to alpha-numeric starting with BB 1 in August 1984.

A person can obtain the casting model and year the head was manufactured by contacting Brodix and providing the head numbers for identification. The Brodix company considers numerous factors when giving information on modified heads. A person can tell if his Brodix heads have been ported if most of the intake ports, exhaust ports and combustion chambers still show a rough texture, as Brodix heads typically have a sand-cast finish inside and outside. Heads that have been CNC ported are likely to have visible cutting lines on the sharp radius turns in the ports. Those that have been hand ported have a smooth surface and are profiled in all areas, including the combustion chambers.

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