What Are Some Ideas for Positioning Dodge Decals?


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When positioning Dodge decals, choose the area that best highlights the decals and provides viewers with the most favorable visibility of the graphic's surface. Common locations to install decals include windshields, doors and car roofs. Picking a location depends largely on its size and content. Some are smaller and designed to create a more pronounced textured effect in certain areas, such as above car wheels or on a vehicle's trunk.

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Begin by cleaning the decal's intended installation surface as thoroughly as possible with alcohol or water solution. Avoid using detergents and traditional household cleaners because they can cause problems with a decal's ability to stick to the surface.

For the best results, begin the installation by setting the decal stickers on a shaded area, and make sure that it is not underneath direct sunlight. The ideal surface temperature for decal adhesion is between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

After installing the decal, take care when washing the area because doing so too roughly can result in peeling off the decal. Some decals come with rolls, which results in a rolled appearance on the installation. To avoid bubbles and wrinkles, let the decal unroll for 30 minutes to an hour before applying the graphic to the vehicle's surface.

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