What Does Hyundai Assurance Roadside Assistance Cover?

Hyundai Assurance roadside assistance covers a number of services including 24/7 service and five years of unlimited roadside assistance. It also covers one year of enhanced coverage provided through the Hyundai Blue Link Connected Care service.

Through the Hyundai Assurance roadside assistance coverage, owners have access to services such as towing, trip interruption assistance, assistance with locking the keys in the car and flat tires. Also, Hyundai owners have access to assistance when out of gas or when the car battery is dead. All of these services are totally free and available in all 50 states, and tows are available even if the issue is not covered by the Hyundai warranty.

When contacting Hyundai Assurance roadside assistance, it is best to have ready the vehicle identification number, mileage, location and an explanation of the issue. In the event of a tow, the vehicle goes to the closest Hyundai dealership or authorized service facility. If using trip interruption assistance due to a breakdown when traveling, the owner is eligible for a reimbursement for expenses such as lodging or meals if more than 150 miles away from home.

For a year, a Hyundai owner also has access to enhanced assistance, which is accessible from the rear view mirror. This service locates the vehicle through GPS technology, and the system even senses when there is an accident or service.