Hwo Do You Get Better Gas Mileage?

Hwo Do You Get Better Gas Mileage?

To increase your gas mileage, moderate your driving habits while behind the wheel, and manage your trips around town so that you get the most efficiency out of each time you leave the house. Maintaining your car and minimizing excess weight also help increase mileage.

  1. Avoid extreme driving habits

    Keep your speed at or below 60 mph, as every 5 mph you go in excess of 60 mph decreases fuel efficiency. Start and stop gently rather than slamming the accelerator or the brake.

  2. Use gears and brakes to your advantage

    Apply your overdrive gear when appropriate, and activate cruise control when you are on the highway, because the overdrive gear reduces engine load when traveling at higher speeds, and the cruise control makes your speed more consistent. Maintain awareness of traffic and road conditions to minimize brake use by slowing before turns or bends on familiar streets and before red lights.

  3. Maximize your car's efficiency

    Stop carrying around things you do not need in the trunk, because every extra 100 pounds robs you of 2 percent of your fuel economy. Organize your errands so that you can run as many of them on one trip as possible, because warming up a cold engine drains fuel efficiency.