What Are Some Humorous Names for Boats?


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Humor is a very subjective matter, but some humorous names for boats could include "Crew Sin," "Land Nooo," "Fishin' Magician," "Shore Thing" and "Hang on Sloopy." More options are "Jamaican Me Crazy Too," "Sir Docks-a-lot" and "Wind Between The Sheets." An interesting and funny suggestion is to name a boat "No Problem" but paint the words "Problem" on the underside of the boat, so that it only appears when the boat is capsized.

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There are a number of resources for looking up boat names. The website CoolBoatNames.com has a section devoted to funny names for boats. Another site for looking up boat names is "Ten Thousand Boat Names," which categorizes boat names alphabetically and allows visitors to add their own boats to its registry.

It is fairly common to name a boat after some important aspect in the owner's life, often in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. It is considered in bad taste to name a boat ostentatiously or after a famous shipwreck such as the "Titanic." Some countries may have regulations governing the naming of boats. The United States Coast Guard requires that federally documented vessels have their name written in Latin characters with Arabic or Roman numerals, as well as the city and state from which the vessel hails.

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