Are Hoverboards Real?


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The concept of a hoverboard, a skateboard-like piece of sporting equipment, was popularized along with some other fantastical technology, including a time machine built of a sports car, in the popular 1980s movie "Back to the Future"; while not widespread in availability, as of October 2014, writers for the tech blog Engadget reported that hoverboards do actually exist.

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Are Hoverboards Real?
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There is a pretty major caveat to this yes answer, because the hoverboards that Engadget reported on do not have nearly the same functionality as those displayed in "Back to the Future." However, in purely technical terms, the product that Engadget reviewed in 2014, the Hendo Hoverboard is a board that a full-grown adult can ride, and it does hover above the ground. In 2014, the Hendo Hoverboard carried a massive $10,000 price tag, making it inaccessible to most consumers. Additionally, though the board hovers, albeit slightly, it uses a certain kind of magnet technology that means it will only hover when used on surfaces made out of non-ferrous metals. Unlike the "Back to the Future" hoverboard, this real-life version doesn't have its own propulsion system and also doesn't really function like a skateboard other than the fact that the user can control the board's movement with his or her body weight.

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