How Do You Hotwire a Car?

To hot-wire a car, take out the panels of the ignition tumbler, and switch on the ignition manually. If this is not possible, identify the wires of the steering column, strip a part of these wires and twist them. Also, strip a part of the starter wires, and bring them in contact for a short time.

The ignition tumbler is the point where the ignition key is inserted. Take out the panels, including one which has five to eight wires attached to the tumbler's rear side, and has covers located around the ignition tumbler. Now, rotate the switch of the ignition using a screwdriver. This should turn a lever or a pin present on the tumbler's rear side.

If it is not possible to the turn the switch of the ignition manually, identify the On position of the steering column's negative and positive wires. These color-coded wires are connected to the ignition tumbler. Detach these wires from the tumbler, strip their ends using a wire stripper and twist them around each other. The car is now on and prepared for ignition.

Next, detach the starter wires from the tumbler, strip their ends and touch them together for a brief period. The starter should now be activated, and the engine should start. Once the engine fires up, do not leave the starter wires in contact with each other.

Finally, cover the exposed wire ends using insulation tape.