How Do You Hook up Golf Cart Batteries?

Hook up golf cart batteries by checking water levels, cleaning connections and connecting the batteries. A golf cart motor needs six deep-cycle batteries for operation, and each one of them is lead-based and engineered to offer sustained current to run the cart for at least 24 hours. In order to guarantee good performance, batteries need to be charged regularly.

When hooking up the golf cart batteries, the battery compartment needs to be located. It is usually found below the cart seats.

Step 1: Check the water levels

Make sure that the water levels are filled with distilled water to the fill line. The lid needs to be tight enough to prevent any kind of leakage.

Step 2: Clean the battery connections

The connections of each battery going into the battery compartment need to be cleaned with mineral water. It will remove the grime and dirt from the battery. Also, acid-resistant work gloves should be worn to prevent any acid damage to the hands.

Step 3: Place the batteries at appropriate locations

Put all six batteries at their respective positions in the battery chassis. Each battery should be seated perfectly on the same level.

Step 4: Connect the batteries

Take the red wire in the battery compartment and connect it to the positive terminal of the first battery. Connect the negative/ground wire from that battery to the positive terminal of the subsequent battery. Repeat the procedure until the final battery is reached, where the black/negative cable in the compartment is connected to the negative terminal of the battery.