How Do Honda Inverter Generators Work?

How Do Honda Inverter Generators Work?

The Honda inverter generator uses raw power produced by the generator and later conditions it through a microprocessor using a multistep process. The generator’s alternator generates a high voltage multiphase AC power. It then converts AC power to DC. Finally, the inverter converts DC power to AC.

The working revolves around a specialized microprocessor that controls the entire process, thus generating a stable and consistent power. The microprocessor converts alternating current to direct current. It also controls the speed of the engine.

The inverter has the role of smoothing and cleaning the power to increase its quality. The output from the inverter generator is a stable sine wave delivery. There are no fluctuations in the output voltage level.

The advantage of the Honda inverter generator is that it gives a high quality power output. In addition, it has higher fuel efficiency. It is because the generator engine automatically adjusts the engine speed to generate the power required only to meet the need of the application in use.

Pairing of inverter generators with another same sized unit is possible, and it doubles the power capacity. As the engine does not run at full speed continuously, the generator has a reduced noise level. Inverter generators are lighter and smaller in size, as they use inverter technology to integrate parts of the generator and engine.