What Are Some Facts About Honda Goldwing Trike Motorcycles?

The Honda Goldwing Trike is a three-wheeled version of the basic Honda Goldwing. In order for the Goldwing to become a trike, riders have to buy an upgrade kit to change out the single rear wheel for a dual-wheel axle and suspension. The three-wheel version allows riders to enjoy the open air of a motorcycle without having to worry about balancing or leaning the bike.

The Honda Goldwing trike conversion is normally done on the 1800 model version of the bike. This model comes with a six-cylinder engine that is liquid-cooled. The 1832 cc engine gives plenty of power to the bike. The bike has a nice-sized storage area for longer road trips or if riders just want to take things with them. The Goldwing trike has a 6.6-gallon gas tank and adjustable windscreen. The adjustable windscreen is very accommodating to riders of different heights. The bike, although it has a small tank, does gets around 55 miles per gallon on the highway. The bikes, or trikes, come with EZ Steer, which is a version of power steering like is in cars. Without this, the bike can be turned, but it is harder. The Goldwing trike has a very wide turning radius so U-turns can be difficult to accomplish even with the power steering.