What Are Some Honda CR-V Recalls?

What Are Some Honda CR-V Recalls?

Honda CR-V recalls vary depending on the model year. The 2002 model had 13 recalls issued for airbags, and the 2008 model was recalled due to a fault with the automatic transmission control module, notes HondaProblems.com.

Generally, Honda vehicles are well-manufactured and safe, but like any manufacturer, sometimes Honda vehicles come with problems. In those cases, Honda issues a recall so its technicians can fix the issue.

In 2015, Honda issued a recall for its CR-V because of an engine cooling problem. The recall began on March 27, 2015, and if not fixed, the problem might result in a loss of power or oil leak. If an owner has an affected vehicle, Honda replaces the short block free of charge.

Some 2013 CR-Vs had problems with the automatic transmission. The recall began for this model year began on May 13, 2013, and the problem required Honda to replace the brake shift interlock blocking mechanism.

There were three recalls issued for the 2012 Honda CR-V. Problems for this model ranged from power train issues to indoor latches not working properly. Recalls were issued by Honda beginning in May 2012.

Many 2010 Honda CR-V models were recalled due to a piece breaking in the outer brace of the automatic transmission control module. When this piece breaks, it causes abnormal noise to come from the transmission.