How to Get a Honda Civic Radio Code?

The radio code for all Honda cars, including the Honda Civic, can be obtained from Honda by providing the car's VIN number and the radio's serial number. The radio code is needed to reactivate a radio that has had its power cut off for any reason.

Honda car stereos are automatically disabled if they are removed from the car or if they have been disconnected from the battery. Owners need to enter the correct radio code to activate the device again. Some cars may have the radio code printed on a small white sticker in the glove compartment. If this is not available, the code can be obtained from the website Honda has set up for this purpose.

Step 1: Collect required information

Write down the vehicle's 17-digit VIN number and the serial number of the radio. Honda also asks for a phone number, zip code and email address on its website.

Step 2: Visit the Honda website

Visit the Honda radio and navigation website and enter all the required information in the fields provided. Click the "Submit" button to receive the radio code.