What Is the History of the Volkswagen Emblem?


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The Volkswagen logo that displays a V over a W surrounded by a circle evolved as a result of an office competition that the company launched. Engineer Franz Reimspiess created the logo and was later known for perfecting the 1930's Volkswagen Beetle engine.

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The history of the logo is often debated, and some researchers credit Martin Freyer with the logo's design. The Volkswagen logo originally launched in 1938 and was modified in 1996 and 2000 by the vehicle manufacturer. The logo did not possess the three-dimensional color blends until the logo was modified in 2000. The blue color of the Volkswagen logo is said to symbolize class, excellence and reliability whereas the white color is designated to represent charm, purity and nobility.

The origins of the Volkswagen company date to the 1930s when Hitler stated that everyone should be able to afford a vehicle. The Beetle was the first project of car designer Ferdinand Porsche, with prototypes produced by 1936. The Beetle possessed a round shape, a rear-mounted engine and the VW logo placed on the front of the vehicle. The car body's prototype was designed by Erwin Komenda, who was a longstanding Porsche chief designer. The vehicles were produced in Wolfsburg, Germany.

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