What Is the History of the F-15 Eagle Fighter Jet?


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The F-15 Eagle fight jet, which was first constructed in 1972 and delivered ready for combat in 1976, remains the primary fighter jet and intercept tool for the U.S. Air Force. Various models of the F-15 have been produced, and based on the present orders for the aircraft, the line is expected to remain in production until at least 2019, nearly five decades after the first F-15 was produced.

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The F-15 Eagle, although designed to meet the needs of the U.S. Air Force, is also in use by other nations. In the Middle East, both Israel and Saudi Arabia have F-15 variants, while in Asia, South Korea and Japan own F-15 aircraft.

Including the various models, more than 1,600 F-15 fighter jets have been produced. All of the nations for which the F-15 has been produced plan to continue operating the fighter jet line indefinitely, with no nation yet setting a retirement date. Boeing, which produces the aircraft, expects the F-15 to remain a vital component of U.S. Air Force air superiority through at least 2040.

F-15 fighter jets have participated in a variety of combat missions. Boeing tallies 101 aerial victories and zero defeats as of December 2015. The F-15's first true aerial combat situation took place when Israel used the fighters to take out more than 50 Syrian fighters. The U.S. Air Force made use of its F-15s during Operation Allied Force in Bosnia, as well as Operations Desert Storm in Iraq, Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, and Iraqi Freedom.

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