What Are Some Highly Rated Remote Alarm Systems According to Experts?

What Are Some Highly Rated Remote Alarm Systems According to Experts?

Good brands of remote alarm systems include Viper, Python, Avital and ScyTeck. Important factors to consider when shopping for car alarm systems include features, performance and help and support.

The Viper VSS500 is both a remote car starter and alarm. The package offers a remote with the basic features and includes a smart phone application supporting features such as trunk release, remote start and key-less entry. The software application is easy to use and allows users to unlock, lock and start the car from any location in the United States with an Internet connection.

The Python PS5000 is also a smart phone enabled remote start and car alarm system. The system offers flexibility allowing the user to operate various functions from within the country. The package includes key-less entry remotes, dual shock sensors, trunk release, alarm speaker and remote start.

The Avital 5303L car security system is operated using an LCD remote. The remote allows for key-less entry and has a dedicated button for opening the trunk. The remote has a good range of about a quarter of a mile. The system is a good choice for users looking for a quality remote alarm system on a budget.

Lastly, the ScyTek Galaxy G5.2W offers good feature options for its price range. Features include remote start, key-less entry, dual shock sensors and 2-way paging operated from an LCD remote.