What Are Some Highly-Rated Motorcycle Pull-Behind Campers According to Experts?


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Some of the best rated motorcycle tow-behind campers are the Go Lightweight Popup Tent Camper Trailer, Time Out Motorcycle Camper Series and Mini Mate Camper. These three can fit a variety of bikes without limiting your riding experience

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The Go Lightweight Popup Tent Camper from SylvanSport weighs only 840 pounds, making it easy to maneuver on all kinds of terrain using bikes of all sizes. It has a storage space of 39 cubic feet and sturdy TIG welded frames. The popup tent is good quality and easy to assemble for your convenience. This camper was rated as ‘the coolest camper ever’ by National Geographic.

The Time Out Motorcycle Camper Series includes four options: Camper, Easy Camper, Slip Stream and Deluxe. These vary in wheel size, bed size as well as design and budget. Time Out Deluxe campers are the largest off-the ground campers in the market, making them suitable for larger motorcycles. All Time Out campers are easy to assemble and setup.

The Mini Mate Camper is an affordable, hard topped camper with a luggage rack and 15 cubic feet of storage space. The tent has a dressing area and full sized bed. The Mini Mate is also lightweight and compact. Open Road Outfitters recommends it for small to mid-size motorcycles.

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