What Are Some Highly Rated Motor Oils for Honda Vehicles?


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The best motor oils for a Honda vehicle are those sold by a Honda dealer such as the semisynthetic Honda Engine Oil and the mineral Honda VTEC-LEV. That said, any brand motor oil will work as long as it has an American Petroleum Institute grade of SL, SM or SJ.

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It is also important to use the correct oil weight or viscosity for your vehicle. You can check the correct oil weight for your vehicle by referring to the owner's manual. Ensure that the listed weight on your oil's container matches Honda's recommendations for your vehicle before pouring it into your engine.

Combining the use of SL, SM or SJ API Grade motor oil with the correct engine oil weight and the habit of replacing the oil every six months or 3,750 miles (whichever comes first) are key to extending the lifespan of your Honda vehicle.

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