What Are Some Highly Rated Jet Ski Watercraft?

What Are Some Highly Rated Jet Ski Watercraft?

Some of the most highly rated personal watercraft (PWC) includes the Sea-Doo Spark, Kawasaki STX-15F and Yamaha Waverunner Superjet, notes Gear Patrol. Prices for these PWCs range from around $4,000 to more than $9,000, as of 2015.

The Sea-Doo Spark is less expensive than many other personal PWC models. This attracts new PWC owners because it looks great and offers an excellent beginning power-to-weight ratio. The Spark puts out 60 horsepower and weighs 405 lbs.

The Kawasaki STX-15F has a starting manufacturer's suggested retail price of around $9,700 and a top speed of 62 miles per hour. Its lightweight design and sporty look make it perfect for those looking for looking to tow water skiers or wakeboarders. Its hull is lightweight and it puts out an impressive 160 horsepower.

Yamaha's Waverunner Superjet sells for around $8,500. Its a stand-up jet ski that puts out 74 horsepower and has a 700 cc engine. As of April 2015, the Superjet is one of the few remaining standing PWCs on the market as manufacturers are phasing out the design.

Other top PWCs include the Renegade S Hovercraft, Innespace Seabreacher Z, Belassi B3R Sport and Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser SHO. Prices and availability of these and other top PWC models vary.