What Are Some Highly Rated Honda Three-Wheel Motorcycles?

The Honda Gold Wing is the superior Honda three-wheeled motorcycle, as noted by Motorcycle Test Drive. Bikernetrikes rated the 2012 Roadsmith HT1800 Gold Wing Conversion Honda trike the best three-wheeled motorcycle. Both trikes excelled in reviews based on the smoothness of the riding quality and the ease of use when it comes to things like leaning at turns.

The Honda Gold Wing rated highly due to the ability to ride long distances with comfort. The design of the bike made putting the driver's feet down at stops like red lights completely unnecessary. However, none of the listed features took away from the feeling of actually riding a motorcycle, notes Motorcycle Test Drive. All of the Goldwings also provide a reverse so that self-backing up is not needed, making riding safer. The only negative review came from the seat being set so high up off the ground.

The 2012 Roadsmith HT1800 Gold Wing Conversion voted highest in comfort, with easy turning and smooth riding. The bike is large and powerful, yet glides over bumps and roads. The trike is built with independent shocks to absorb the bumps of travel, making the riding experience more comfortable for longer and harder trips. The trike is also powerful enough to haul a trailer with ease, making it convenient for long travel.