What Are Some Highly-Rated Headlight Bulbs According to Customers?


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Several brands of headlight bulbs rate highly with customers and consumer testing groups, including Sylvania, Philips, Vision X and PIAA, notes Consumer Reports. Among these brands, the premium Halogen, Xenon and LED bulbs rated highest.

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The Philips D4R Xenon Headlight bulbs rated very highly as they offer up to 200 percent more light compared to Halogen bulbs and a 50 percent more light savings, as stated on Amazon. Another popular headlight bulb is the Sylvania D1S High Intensity Discharge Bulb, which produces three times more light and last three times as long as Halogens.

PIAA Xtreme White bulbs, which are HID, and Vision X Superwhite Headlight bulbs, which are a blend of Xenon and Halogen gases, each received high ratings from customers, according to Auto Anything.

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