What Are Some Highly Rated GPS Vehicle Tracking Programs?


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Five highly rated GPS vehicle tracking programs are the Spark Nano, Zoombak Advanced A-GPS, Escort Entourage PS, Garmin GTU 10 and LoJack. Many consider the Spark Nano the best GPS vehicle tracking program because of its ease of installation, user-friendly Web-based interface and affordability, according to eBay. The Spark Nano comes highly recommended for tracking unruly teen drivers.

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The Zoombak Advanced A-GPS is another vehicle tracking system that's easy to install. It can be connected to the car battery or run on its own power. Other notable features include SMS and email alerts when the vehicle enters and exits geofences, portability, and the ability to store a lengthy log history.

The Escort Entourage PS comes highly recommended by Car and Driver Magazine because of its live monitoring feature. Another model of the Escort Entourage can be permanently connected the car.

Using the Garmin GTU 10 requires a one-year subscription fee, making it a relatively affordable option. It also sends out location notifications and allows for a seven-day tracking history. Pros of the device include easy geofence setup and a long battery life.

LoJack ranks among the more expensive vehicle tracking options. It's not available in all states and is particularly difficult to install, because it requires the involvement of the original dealer. Despite these setbacks, LoJack comes with a few unique advantages, such as its use of radio frequencies and ability to alert the police in case the vehicle gets stolen.

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