What Are Some Highly-Rated 6V Golf Card Batteries?


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The Trojan T-105, T-125, USB US-2200 and US-125 are some highly rated 6-Volt golf cart batteries. Good golf cart batteries are rated for their high cycle life and rate of discharge. The E-3600 and GC2-H from Exide Batteries are also highly rated.

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The cycle life denotes the number of times a battery can be charged and discharged before it fails. Discharge rate refers to the time duration required to release a full charge from a battery and is measured at 25 or 75 amperes. The heavier batteries such as the Trojan T-125, USB US-125 and Exide GC2-H have more amp-hours and higher discharge rates. Batteries manufacturers also use ampere hour ratings to measure battery capacity. Batteries that deliver 6 amperes for 10 hours are labeled as 60 amp-hours, which is the number of amperes multiplied by the number of hours.

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