What Are the Highest-Rated Windshield Wiper Blades on the Market?


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Some of the highest-rated windshield wiper blades on the market are the Rain-X-5079281-1-Latitude-Wiper-Blade, Bosch-26A-ICON-Wiper-Blade and ANCO-31–31-24-Wiper-Blade. A few other highly rated brands include PIAA’s Forza Hybrid Wipers and the Valeo 600 Series. These windshield wipers are ideal for most weather conditions and budgets.

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The Rain-X-5079281-1-Latitude-Wiper-Blade heads the list because it combines a strong design with high-quality materials. The graphite-coated rubber that covers the blade makes it durable even in adverse weather conditions. The Rain-X-5079281-1-Latitude-Wiper-Blade usually lasts between nine to 18 months. These blades leave windshields streak-free and clean.

The Bosch-26A-ICON-Wiper-Blade is manufactured using top-quality FX dual rubber, which gives it 40 percent more longevity than most high-ranking brands. It is designed to work well without cracking or breaking and in weather conditions ranging from harsh winters to dry summers.

The third-best product, the ANCO-31–31-24-Wiper-Blade, is made of DuraKlear rubber, which provides good results without streaks. It has adapters that allow it to accommodate most vehicles. These blades are economical and feature cleaning power comparable to the best brands. PIAA’s Forza Hybrid Blades are used for Subaru's rally cars. The side-spring design provides greater contact with the windshield by applying more pressure on the blade. This keeps the glass clean of mud, dust, rain and large splatters of water, as well as ice and sleet.

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