What Are Some High-Performance Japanese Car Engines?


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The Nissan VR38DETT, Toyota 2JZGTE and Mazda Renesis 13B-MSP are considered some of the highest-performing Japanese car engines, as of 2015. Both the Nissan and Toyota motors are turbocharged six-cylinder engines, while the 13B-MSP uses Mazda's signature twin-rotor Wankel design and is naturally aspirated.

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The Nissan VR39DETT is a V-6 engine used in the Nissan GT-R all-wheel drive supercar that produces 545 horsepower in the standard GT-R, while the 2JZGTE is an inline-6 engine used to power the final generation of the Toyota Supra. Though only producing 276 horsepower from the factory, the engine is well-known for tolerating very high boost pressures and producing impressive horsepower figures in the hands of engine tuners.

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