Where Do You Find a Helicopter in "GTA: Vice City?"

Players can get a helicopter in "GTA: Vice City" by unlocking the second island. These are normal Maverick type helicopters. The Seasparrow is the chopper that can float on water. This type of helicopter can be found after collecting enough packages and accomplishing the Starfish Island mansion. The Hunter is the most powerful helicopter in the game, and is found at Fort Baxter Air Base by completing all 100 packages.

The Hunter is the ultimate target of most "GTA: Vice City" players, but finding it takes hard work and dedication. Players need to avoid getting shot. The best strategy is to collect a police uniform from the police station in Washington Beach. Then the player must jump over the barrier instead of going to the front of the base and walk slowly around to the helicopter.

In a few versions, the Hunter can appear on the helipad on the southern end of the first island. But that is rare. In the majority of the versions of "GTA: Vice City," the Hunter appears only after completing the full game. "GTA: Vice City" has a game stats menu that can tell the players the percent they have completed. This game has many cheat codes, but there is no special cheat code for the helicopter.