What Is a Heavy Duty Rescue Truck?


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A heavy-duty rescue truck is an emergency response vehicle typically used by fire and rescue services around the world. These trucks, available from manufacturers like Pierce and Kovatch Mobile Equipment, are generally available in body styles such as walk-in, non-walk-in, combination and command.

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Heavy-duty rescue trucks are straight-body vehicles that often have two or more axles of wheels, designed to support cumbersome rescue equipment. Walk-in styles have a large interior space accessible from the rear of the vehicle, used for storage, as a staging area or general-purpose indoor space. In contrast, non-walk-in heavy-duty rescue trucks often consist of storage bays that line the sides of the truck behind the cab area.

The cabs of these vehicles usually have at least two compartments, a forward driver and navigator section and a large rear crew section. This aft cab chamber often has seating for several crew members as well as small-scale equipment storage.

Heavy-duty rescue trucks are often outfitted with one or more pieces of specialized equipment. When used for dedicated fire-fighting operations, pumps, hoses and water cannons are often mounted to the vehicle. Rescue operation vehicles sometimes include mounted telescopic ladder systems, hydraulic rescue tools and attendant accessories. Response to hazardous material situations often requires specialized personal protective equipment and decontamination gear.

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