Who Makes Heated Motorcycle Clothing?

Who Makes Heated Motorcycle Clothing?

As of 2015, manufacturers of heated motorcycle clothing include Mobile Warming, Kadena Sportswear, Firstgear and Aerostitch. Mobile Warming garments provide warmth with support from insulating heat-reflective panels. Consumers can connect Kadena's heated garments to portable 7.4-volt lithium-ion batteries or to their motorcycle batteries. Firstgear offers garments and accessories with wireless dual temperature controllers. Aerostitch garments have multiple heat ranges, and some garments are reversible.

Mobile Warming uses ultra-fine metal fiber heating and far-infrared heat technologies with a rechargeable portable lithium-ion battery power supply to provide active heat for several hours. The battery has four heat settings for a maximum of 20 hours of warmth.

Kadena's motorcycle outerwear includes heated gloves in a variety of styles. Features include foam-padded palms to minimize motorcycle vibration, molded polyurethane to protect fingers and knuckles, and fingertips printed with silicone to improve grip.

Consumers can synch their Firstgear wireless dual temperature controllers to their jacket controllers, enabling them to control the amount and direction of heat for two different garments simultaneously. Firstgear offers its heated pants liners in sizes for men and women.

The Aerostich Kanetsu Airvantage electric vest includes a patented inflatable insert that insulates the body and stops external drafts. The vest has unheated zip-off sleeves and comes in 45-watt and 75-watt versions with a choice of power connectors.