What Should You Do When You Hear an Ambulance Siren on the Road?


When an ambulance siren is heard while out on the road, drivers should pull over and give the emergency vehicle right of way. The ambulance siren is typically only used when the situation is dire and a person either needs to get to hospital quickly or is waiting for assistance at home. By law, drivers must do everything possible to ensure safe passage of ambulances in a rush.

The first thing to do when an ambulance siren is heard is to not panic. The loud noise may be a shock, but the safest action is to slowly pull over to the right and temporarily stop so the ambulance can get by. If it is not feasible to come to a complete stop due to obstacles on the road, then slowing down and pulling to the right as far possible is the next best thing.

If the ambulance siren is coming from a vehicle on the opposite side of the road, then it is not necessary to do anything other than drive in a normal manner. To get a better understanding of where the siren is coming from, it may be advisable to turn down the radio or reduce other background noise. Once the ambulance has passed, take off slowly and try to remain at least 500 feet behind the emergency vehicle.