What Are Some Headlight Aiming Charts?


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As of 2016, Popular Mechanics, NewtonNet.co.uk, ClassicMGClub.com and HyundaiManuals.org provide headlight aiming charts online. Popular Mechanics shows a graphic in an article on how to adjust the headlights of most vehicles. HyundaiManuals.com provides charts from a Hyundai manual and ClassicMGClub.com has a chart for MG vehicles.

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Popular Mechanics also provides an illustration of how to check aiming against a wall. ClassicMGClub.com provides directions on how to make an aiming chart. This includes an example illustration showing the vertical center line, the two vertical headlamp center lines and a horizontal center line where the hot spots should shine. The Hyundai Tucson manual on HyundaiManuals.org has similar instructions on do-it-yourself headlight aiming.

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