How Do You Find Harley Davidson Parts?

How Do You Find Harley Davidson Parts?

How Do You Find Harley Davidson Parts?

Start looking for newer Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts at your local dealer, especially the dealer from where you bought the machine. The Harley-Davidson website features a section for parts and accessories to customize your bike. Your motorcycle mechanic can also help you determine what part you seek.

  1. Find the part

    Specialized Harley-Davidson dealers and mechanics can tell you what part to get. These places may also offer locator services and install the part for you. Most likely, dealers and mechanics have shop manuals, part numbers and knowledge to service your motorcycle.

  2. Search online for parts

    If your dealer and mechanic cannot help you buy the part, or you want to work on your motorcycle yourself, several online sources offer Harley-Davidson parts. Search Motorcycle Superstore for parts for popular models, and contact Revzilla for free shipping on orders of $40 or more, as of October 2014.

  3. Locate older parts in aftermarket shops and salvage yards

    Find a local salvage yard that may have Harley-Davidson parts for older models. Contact J&P Cycles in Iowa and Florida for aftermarket parts on motorcycles, including Harley-Davidson models. Search the Team Latus Motors eBay store for salvaged parts.

  4. Fix or customize your Harley

    Once you have the part, get your mechanic to install it for you. If you love tweaking, customizing and fixing your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, place the custom parts on your own.