How Hard Is It to Change a Fifth-Wheel RV's Floor Plan?


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Altering a fifth-wheel trailer's floor plan before purchase is relatively simple when working with many manufacturers, as it is common for companies to offer multiple floor plans to consumers for many models of fifth-wheel trailer. Changing a trailer's floor plan after purchase is likely to be more difficult depending on the degree of alterations desired.

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Alternate factory floor plans for fifth-wheel trailers can involve relatively simple alterations to the standard floor plan of the vehicle, such as replacing a dining table with reclining chairs. Floor plan alterations can also be considerably more complex, such as relocating the sleeping area from the front to the rear of the trailer to accommodate a larger living room.

Many of these more extensive alterations to the original floor plan may require changes that would be difficult to implement after the trailer has left the assembly line, such as rerouting power and water lines or replacing sections of walls. While it is more difficult than ordering a particular floor plan from the factory, remodeling a fifth-wheel trailer may be desirable if there are certain options not available through the manufacturer's designs. For example, it is possible to remove the furniture from a trailer with a bunkhouse area to make room for an office or workshop area.

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