What Happens If You Put Petrol in a Diesel Car?

Diesel engines cannot run correctly on gasoline. The engine can become irreparably damaged if the car is run. Diesel engines can handle a small amount of gasoline if it is diluted with diesel fuel.

Diesel and gasoline engine operate in a different manner. While gasoline engines use spark plugs to ignite compressed fuel, diesel engine rely on compression alone. In a diesel engine, gasoline can corrode parts of the pump and other parts of the engine, and diesel engines may need to be replaced if it spreads through them. Drivers who accidentally put gasoline in their diesel engines should have it drained as soon as possible.

However, diesel engines can handle a small concentration of gasoline. Drivers who put only a small amount of it in their engines may wish to fill the rest of the engine with diesel fuel. Gasoline floats on diesel fuel, and it will eventually mix together and burn away. However, drivers who do this will want to top off their fuel tanks regularly.

In some places, different diesel and gasoline nozzles prevent drivers from using the wrong fuel. In parts of Europe, however, the nozzles are the same, and fuel mistakes are more common than many imagine.