What Happens at a Police Repo Car Auction?


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At a police repo car auction, cars that were seized because they were used in or connected to criminal activity are auctioned off to the highest bidders. The auctioneer announces each car and keeps track of the bids, and buyers keep bidding until a final price is reached.

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What Happens at a Police Repo Car Auction?
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Many government auctions are not open to the public, so buyers need to be a car dealer or other professional to get access. However, others are open to all comers. The vehicles are often listed publicly in advance, so buyers can check which cars interest them. There may be some time to inspect the cars in person before the auction begins but this varies.

The cars are usually sold one at a time to allow everyone a chance to bid on each car. Bids are often indicated by holding up a sign with a number on it. The cars are generally sold as-is and are known for being dirty or in disrepair. Some of them have been stored in the police impound lot for years as the court cases proceeded, so they may not start right away. Buyers often have to arrange for a tow to get the cars home, but some of the problems require only minor fixes. Cars are often sold inexpensively at these auctions.

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