What Happens If You Miss Too Many Driving Text Exam Questions?


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If you miss too many driving test exam questions, you fail the test and do not receive a license based on that session. Different states have different restrictions on how long you must then wait before retaking the test.

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As of 2015, approximately 44 percent of people fail their written driving test the first time. Each state's test is different. Some tests are longer than others, and a score one state considers passing, another state does not. It is important to study carefully the drivers' manual for he state in which you are taking the test.

The state of New Hampshire requires a passing score of 80 percent. If you fail, you must wait 10 calendar days to take the test again. In Georgia, you must pass two written tests and score a minimum of 75 percent on each. If you fail, you must wait one day, but if you fail again, you must wait seven days each time before taking the test again.

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