What Happens If You Lose Your Driving Permit?

happens-lose-driving-permit Credit: Rich Legg/E+/Getty Images

As the process to receive a driving-permit replacement varies, individuals losing their permit must follow the issuing state's process. Generally, this involves returning to the Department of Motor Vehicles, requesting a replacement and paying any applicable fees. If the individual is under age 18, most states require a parent to accompany him. Some states require the permit holder to report the loss to the police.

In most areas, the individual receives his replacement permit in the mail. The agent issues a temporary receipt upon fulfillment of all the requirements for receiving a replacement. With the receipt, the individual has the right to continue his practice driving. However, the receipt is not a valid form of identification. The replacement permit takes up to two weeks to come through the mail. In Maryland, learners who want to test for their full license are required to present the receipt to the test personnel before proceeding with their test.

In order to protect the individual's identity, most states require identifying documentation before reissuing the driving permit. These documents include the same documents the individual presented with his first application, including a photo ID and birth certificate. In some locations, the agent takes a new photo of the applicant, while others use the same photo from the original permit. The replacement permit has the same expiration date as the original.