What Happens If You Do Not Check Your Vehicle's Oil Pressure?

happens-check-vehicle-s-oil-pressure Credit: DeclanTM/CC-BY-2.0

If a driver does not check the oil pressure in his vehicle, engine problems, many of them preventable, go unnoticed. The vehicle's oil level should be checked at least once a month to make sure there is enough and that it is not contaminated, according to Dummies.com.

A car's oil pressure gauge reading indicates the condition of the engine, according to Autos.com. Low oil pressure signals a serious problem to be dealt with immediately, such as an oil leak, use of the wrong kind of oil for your car or a problem with the oil pump screen. High oil pressure results from a dirty oil filter or other restrictions in the oil filtering system. Familiarity with the vehicle's oil pressure sensor ensures awareness if a problem arises.