What Happens If You Can't Find Your Driver's License and Don't Know the Number?

When a person can't find his driver's license and doesn't know his license number, he may attempt to find the missing license by retracing his steps and checking possible places where he lost it, including the laundry basket, washing machine or dryer, clothing pockets, between couch cushions and inside his car. Another essential step is to file a police report for proof of the loss.

Banks, credit card providers and police officers sometimes require a police report in the event an identity thief uses a person's lost driver's license for fraudulent activities, such as withdrawing money from a bank account or doing illegal activities. It is important to mention all relevant details and secure a copy of the report.

If the person uses an ID theft protection service, he must report the loss to enable the service provider to monitor his financial accounts, freeze his credit report and create fraud alerts. The next step is to file a report with the state Department of Motor Vehicles, as the local branch may flag the missing license if a different driver uses the license when a law enforcement officer pulls him over.

DMV personnel typically advise people with lost driver's licenses to obtain a duplicate copy immediately. An alternative option is to renew the license. In the meantime, a person without a driver's license should avoid driving.