How Do You Get Handicapped Parking Permits?


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Handicapped parking permits are obtained from a state's Department of Motor Vehicles. Two types of handicapped parking permits are available: handicapped license plates and handicapped placards. Both types of permits allow the car to park in designated handicapped parking spaces.

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If someone is physically unable to walk more than 200 feet comfortably, that person may be eligible for a handicapped parking permit. The form to apply for a handicapped parking permit is available on a state’s DMV website.

The requirements to get a handicapped parking permit vary by state, but typically, the disabled person must complete part of the application, and a second form or letter must be completed by a doctor, nurse practitioner or chiropractor. This medical professional must attest to the fact that the individual meets the criteria to have a handicapped parking permit.

A person who is disabled but still able to drive and own a car will likely get a handicapped license plate. If an individual drives someone who is disabled, the passenger can be issued a handicapped placard, which is hung from the rearview mirror. The placard may include a picture of the disabled person and entitles the driver to park in a handicapped space only when the disabled person is with the driver.

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