What Are Some Facts About Gus Machado Ford of Kendall?

What Are Some Facts About Gus Machado Ford of Kendall?

Some facts about Gus Machado Ford of Kendall are that the dealership received Ford Motor Company’s President's Award in 2003 and that the dealership offers both new and used cars. The dealership is located in Miami, Florida. It is open for business for 12 hours each weekday, with shorter operating hours on Saturdays and Sundays. The Better Business Bureau reports several complaints from consumers about business transactions with the dealership.

Ford Motor Company awarded approximately 450 President's Awards in 2003. Ford Motor Company selected Gus Machado Ford of Kendall for the award from approximately 5,000 Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers in both the United States and Canada. Sales reports and customer satisfaction indicators determine award recipients. Ford Motor Company also awarded Blue Oval Certification to the dealership for several consecutive years.

Gus Machado offers more than 300 new vehicles and approximately 85 used vehicles for sale, according to Cars.com. Purchase options from the dealership include financing. The dealership also has service technicians and warranties for parts and vehicle service.

The dealership opens at 9 a.m. each day except Sunday, when the dealership opens at 11 a.m., as of January 2016. The dealership stays open for business until 9 p.m. on weeknights, 8 p.m. on Saturdays and 7 p.m. on Saturdays. The dealership opened on May 8, 1998. Gus Machado, the company's founder, moved to the United States from Cuba at the age of 15.

The Better Business Bureau hasn't accredited Gus Machado Ford of Kendall. The BBB reports 19 complaints against the dealership in the last three years. Most of these complaints regard product and service issues, but customers also complained about sales and billing experiences.