Who Grants Identificaton Cards?


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The state department of motor vehicles (DMV) is the most common source of IDs in the United States issuing drivers licenses, voting cards, non-operator IDs and senior citizens ID cards. Some cities, notably New York City, also issue ID cards to illegal immigrants to allow access to the banking system and restricted Federal buildings that require a valid ID to enter.

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Requirements for different IDs have some similarities, such as being able to verify the applicant's identity, age and, in most cases, citizenship. States are governed in part by the Real ID act, which states that in order for a drivers license to be used as official ID in a federal setting, it needs to meet the standards that the act outlines.

To obtain an drivers license or non-driving ID, applicants must go to the local DMV and present official documents and a nominal fee. Application forms and requirements can be found through state specific DMV and government websites and the procedures differentiate slightly from place to place.

Colorado, like New York, also make provisions for individuals who cannot demonstrate lawful presence in the country or is only in the United States legally for a temporary period of time. These opportunities are by invitation and are subject to limitations dictated by the state legislator.

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