Which Government Websites Provide Ford Recall Information?

SaferCar.gov is a government website that provides Ford recall information. Recalls.gov and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website also provide links to recall information, though each tool uses data from SaferCar.gov.

To look up Ford vehicle recalls on SaferCar.gov, users can click on the Vehicle Owners link and click the Search for all Recalls, Complaints & Investigations button to search by make, model and year, as of September 2015. The SaferCars search engine displays a list of complaints and recalls for the chosen vehicle. Most recall items include a summary of the problem, an explanation of the consequences and a recommendation.

Vehicle owners can also look up recalls that pertain to individual Ford cars. The Recalls Look-Up by VIN link brings visitors to a VIN search page. When a user inputs a VIN and types in the security code contained in the CAPTCHA, the website returns a list of all recalls associated with the Ford vehicle. The list includes incomplete safety recalls and all recalls conducted in the past 15 years. It does not list completed recall data or data from more than 15 years before the search date. The VIN search may not return recent recalls if the manufacturer has not yet released a complete list of affected VINs.